Abdullah decry Taliban’s sluggish stance in peace talks 


KABUL: Abdullah Abdullah, the Chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation (HCNR), alleged that the Taliban insurgents group had taken a “harsh stance” on the ongoing peace talks.
Addressing an event to held for the establishment of a political party commission under the HCNR on Thursday, he underlined that the Taliban had taken a hard stance at this point, which unfortunately didn’t help the situation.
According to him, the Afghan delegation was still in Doha and in contact with the Taliban to resolve the deadlock. “We know that no one will win through war,” said Abdullah, noting that “no one will also lose in peace.”
Meanwhile, Abdullah said the Taliban’s position had turned pretty harsh, something that didn’t help. “They say the prisoners should be released, the foreigners must withdraw, and they should be dropped from the (UN) blacklist.” 
The Taliban also want other conditions met before they would agree to a truce, he said. 
Regarding whether the Taliban have adhered to its obligations under the agreement signed with the US in February last year, Abdullah said a drop in violence was one of the preconditions but this issue hadn’t risen for discussion yet.