Jawzjan rural women received awareness on peacebuilding efforts


BALKH: Residents in northern Jawzjan province participated in a peace advocacy program, stressing peacebuilding efforts on the grass-roots level as crucial in the wake of the ongoing war taking a continuous toll on Afghans.

Men and women coming from various far-flung areas gathered in Sheberghan city, the provincial capital, were informed regarding peace-seeking on Thursday.

The awareness program was organized by the Department of Borders and Tribal Affairs, in collaboration with the Provincial Women’s Peace Working Group.

Mirwais Khan Abdali, head of the department, said local people, especially rural women, had a crucial role to play in promoting a culture of peace.

“War is taking its toll on the people every day,” he lamented, stressing these people need to raise awareness in their neighborhoods about peace and the values of peace.

The meeting participants emphasized that the only solution to overcoming the country’s security issues was unity, solidarity, and empathy of different classes of society.