“A year on, no foreign troop combat death in Afghanistan”  


KABUL: While the war between the Afghan security forces and the Taliban rages on, the United States has achieved a whole year without a fighting death in Afghanistan, Stars and Stripes, an American news agency reported on Monday.
However, the Taliban have threatened to target the U.S. forces in the region again if Washington opts to keep international troops in Afghanistan after the May withdrawal deadline.
Following the deaths of Army Sergeants 1st Class Javier Gutierrez and Antonio Rodriguez in combat with the Taliban on February 8, 2020, Former U.S. President Donald Trump and Taliban leaders signed an agreement pledging that if the Taliban avoided assaults on foreign troops and ceased using Afghanistan as a “springboard,” the U.S. would withdraw all the multinational forces by May.
This is while a Congressional report set up to study the deal made in February suggested pushing the deadline back. The U.S. was also taking a hard look at how the Taliban are complying, confirmed the National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan. 
But Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid has threatened a “return to war” if the U.S. did not meet the deadline for their troops to pull out of Afghanistan.
This is while Afghan Peace Watch (APW), through its RiV-monitoring initiative, has recorded 20,104 casualties since February 22, 2020, in Afghanistan, including 1,768 civilians, 3,352 security forces, and 1,4984 Taliban. No single casualty to foreign troops has been recorded.