Taliban's aggression remains too high, admits U.S. 


KABUL: U.S. Central Command Commander Gen. Kenneth McKenzie says the degree of violence in Afghanistan remains too high, and the U.S. is evaluating the Taliban’s actions as well as the peace deal to find a path forward soon.
However, he emphasized that there must be a conditions-based strategy when it comes to the removal of American troops from Afghanistan.
In an online conversation hosted by the Institute for the Middle East, McKenzie said that the Taliban continue to resort to excessive brutality and nationwide targeted killings and repeated assaults on Afghan forces. “Although attacks on U.S. and alliance units have mostly been stopped, the frequency of aggression is just too high, so that’s an initiative that we’re looking at.” 
He said the U.S. was also monitoring the actions of the Taliban, and “I know that the administration is looking closely at the way forward in line with the February 2020 peace agreement.”
This comes as Republican U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham recently said that American troops would not leave Afghanistan in May, endorsing the Biden administration’s policy on Afghanistan and its effort to review the US-Taliban deal.