85pc freed Taliban inmates returned to battlefields: Saleh


KABUL: The Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh alleged that 85 percent of Taliban detainees released under the US-Taliban pact last year had “re-assumed roles in unleashing violence.”
“In a brazen act of noncompliance and defiance to the Doha agreement, some 85% of the 5,500 released Taliban have re-assumed roles in unleashing violence and campaign of the massacre of civilians,” Saleh said in a tweet on Sunday.
Meanwhile, Saleh underlined that the noble gesture and sincerity of the government was not reciprocated and seen as weakness.
However, the Taliban insurgent group have often denied such statements.
A list of 30 freed Taliban prisoners has been released by the group, claiming and detailing the insurgents who have either been killed, rearrested, or compelled by the government to leave their territories.
This is while the US and the Taliban reached a deal in Doha last year to put an end to the 19-year-long conflict in Afghanistan. The 5,500 liberated prisoners signed a promise as part of the settlement, saying they would not return to the battlefields.
Afghan government officials reported in late 2020 that some of the freed inmates had returned to the front line.