Taliban unwilling to cease violence, bring peace: Mohib 


KABUL: The Taliban insurgent group has been accused by the National Security Adviser (NSA), Hamdullah Mohib, of having little interest in bringing peace and prosperity to Afghanistan.
Mohib told Afghan journalists on Saturday that the militant movement was bent on perpetuating turmoil and instability in the country.
He called the terrorist group a violent organization that outsiders controlled. “All they want is to take full power—nothing else.”
Mohib claimed that the Taliban fighters were out to derail the republican system to take control of the country, but the world at large was not ready to recognize a Taliban regime or their system of governance.
Meanwhile, the advisor said, amid appeals from Afghans and the global community, the Taliban remained reluctant to reduce the high levels of violence.
In contrast to the past, the Afghan security forces and civilians suffered heavy losses this season, the top security official admitted.