Taliban not keen on peace in Afghanistan: Dostum 


BALKH: Former Vice President Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum, speaking at a conference in Sheberghan city, the capital city of the Jowzjan Province, on Sunday criticized the escalation of fighting and armed conflict in parts of the country.
“The Taliban are trying to make excuses and have no interest in achieving peace in the country,” Dostum said, noting the insurgent group had no intention to make peace.
The leader and founder of the National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan said the Taliban negotiating team recently traveled to Russia and Iran merely to attempt establishing an interim government in Afghanistan.
Dostum emphasized the solidarity and unity of the people as he announced support to the Republican system. “The only way out of the current war is to unite the people.” 
The remarks come as the negotiating teams are in Doha for the second round of talks since Jan. 06, but peace talks have progressed as expected as the Taliban negotiators are missing from the table.